Monday, January 20, 2014

Suggestions Please

With Master's homecoming around the corner (and by around the corner I mean we've only got a couple months to go), i've started thinking about our plans.

We have plans for our first night. squee!

We have plans for a weekend getaway.  yippee!



i would like to have a few surprises for Him.  i did go ahead and buy this bell as a funny gift.  One of the things that popped into my head was a replay of a conversation we had awhile back of keeping a mini vibe in the car for "spur of the moment" play.  My husband/Master is the type that will leave his wallet, cell phone, glasses, and everything else at home unless it's sitting beside the door. Remembering to grab something that has to be kept locked away from the kids is going to be hard.  So my thought was...

Why not make a couple little "on the go" bags for each of our cars?  For when we are out.  Or if i'm out and He sends me a task.  Or whatever.  Just something small that can be stored under the seat or in the glove box.

So i have all these extra Ipsy bags laying around.  They're about 6.5-7" long.  i think they might work for what i want.  So now to figure out what to put in them.  This is where i need help!  Ideas!  Go!

i'm thinking something like this to start...

And maybe for a little on-the-go spanking/discipline...

Not sure if this would make a good spanking tool.  But the idea of it turns me on.


  1. How about a set of clothespins and a tube of capsaicin cream?

  2. I like the clothespin idea. Definitely a vibe or bullet. A thin belt. Binder clips ...btw, great idea!

  3. I have no suggestions but what a great idea!



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