Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Answers: Misty's Question

Misty over at ASubmission to Submissiveness asked…

Same question you asked me...because I want to know and I don't have enough brain power to think of another one.

My question to her had been "most outrageous/kinky/expensive wish list item for TTWD?"

Well, Misty, i think the bed you picked out is awesome.  Master and i have plans for our own custom bondage bed, but since i don’t want to steal borrow your idea, i’ll pick something different, lol.

This item is straight from our actual wish list.  And i have little girl’s stories about hers to thank for it. This is the Sneaky Pete fucking machine.  At first, i wasn’t sure i would enjoy it, or maybe i wasn’t sure i would enjoy the ways in which Master would use it, but i’m excited about this purchase.

i’m very turned on by the idea of being tied up and fucked with it while Master watches or while He uses my mouth for His pleasure.

i am developing a slight obsession with anal plugs, especially decorative ones.  While looking for bondage rope, i came across Maui Kink which creates these absolutely beautiful wood anal plugs from various exotic woods with gemstone, coral, shell, and glass inserts.  Who wouldn’t want a plug made of exotic Rosewood, Zebrawood, or Bloodwood?  Especially if you had a custom paddle to match it?

Keep asking questions! i have a whole month to kill before Master gets home and He's not letting me train these last few weeks.  


  1. Oh my! I am so excited for you!! Hope you get one soon:)

  2. Oh that sneaky Pete sure look intimidating but what I really want to talk about is the wooden plugs. Wow, I have never seen wooden plugs and now I have so many questions about them.


  3. I'm not so sure about either, lol. Okay, 'maybe' the machine but I'm thinking wood isn't very sanitary...how do you clean them?

    Not long to go until he gets home!!!

  4. I hope all is okay.....you have been quiet.

    1. Away from Blogland, busy with real life. Everything is great, i have lots to post about and just no time to write. I haven't even had any time to read anyone else's posts so I hope you guys are doing ok as well.


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