Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dom Questions #1

Sin over at finding my submission has provided a series of Dom Questions for us submissives/slaves to ask our Doms/Masters.  You can read more about it here and find links to some of the responses here.  i asked Master if He would like to participate and this is his answer to the first question:

What does your submissive's submission mean to you?

This question is a paradox, because the answer is very complex, yet very simple. The complex answer is that your submission is very important to the couple that we have become. We do not live in a world that lends itself in any way to our chosen lifestyle, even presenting hazards along the way. So your submission is more that just a simple power exchange with me. It is a choice we make, and a risk that you take, just as much as I do, because this is what you need, as much as I do, for our love to grow and our relationship to be successful.

your submission gives me purpose in not only our marriage, but in our life, that I never knew could exist. It motivates me to be as good of a Master, husband and father as I can possibly be. My professional life has been the focus of how we build our life for the 7 years that we have been together. Having TTWD become an engrained part of who we are has shifted that. My profession is no longer the driving factor in how we conduct our lives, but rather the one that supports the way we now choose to live.

your submission gives me hope, joy, and intense emotional closeness that, to this point, you and I had never been able to share. All of that is the very complex, long way of saying the simpler thing:

your submission is EVERYTHING to me, and I love you more every single day of this journey, and I never want it to end.


  1. Very simple and beautifully expressed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very beautiful! Thank you fro sharing.


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