scarlet's Positions

These are the positions of my submission.  Most are based on the Gorean slave positions (not that we follow any other Gorean traditions) with names, or commands, that Master chose for them.  Modifications have been made as He desired and to make adjustments for my bad knees.

When Master gives the name or command for one of these positions, i am to go immediately to the position (and to change location if a location is also designated).  i am to remain there until further instructions are given.  Proper posture and form is to be maintained, laziness and slouching will not be tolerated.

formal position for awaiting instructions, also used when presenting items to Master like a drink or a toy.

more relaxes sitting position, used for longer periods of time at his feet due to my inability to remain on my knees for long

kneeling position for cock worship, wrists crossed (and possibly cuffed) behind back, tongue out in anticipation of worshipping Master's cock

standing position to allow Master to inspect his whore's body

in preparation to be cuffed, tied, or bound

for many forms of play

Downward Eagle
Face down, ideal for beatings

for play

Hard to tell from the pictures, but my ass is raised off the floor

whore's Penance
for punishments and beatings

Filling the whore
for many play scenes involve toy insertion

Leash (standing & kneeling)
This command is not so much the position, but the baring the neck so that Master can attach a leash to my collar

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