Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Question Time

Look at that, i have survived the term from hell.  Now to get caught up on a few things, like my blog which i have really missed.  Ehh, where to start?  Herein lies the problem.  Too much too talk about; no clue where to start.  Fuck it, let's procrastinate a little longer!

So i see that March is Q&A time around here.  So ask away.  i'll answer questions that won't jeopardize my anonymity.  Anything else is open book.  If you're not comfortable posting your question here, there's a contact form at the bottom of my blog to email your questions to me.


  1. im so enjoying this question time lol

    1) what makes you feel most submissive?

    2) favourite implement?

    3) 3 things you really want to try?


  2. Same question you asked me...because I want to know and I don't have enough brain power to think of another one.

    Btw, I found my item and it's awesome :)

    1. Slacker! Lol, Going to have to answer these tonight.

  3. You talk about waiting to physically be reunited with your guy...Have you two shared this D/s life in person or did it start while you have been apart?

    One thing you NEVER thought you would try that you have or are now willing to?

    XOXO Pearl


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