Saturday, March 8, 2014

Answers: Tori's Questions

These questions came from Tori over at Pain's Pleasure.  Thanks!  It has been fun to ask questions and go back and read the answers.  If you're not playing, you should.  If you have questions, ask them.  There's a whole month to fill.

What makes you feel most submissive?

i really want to take the easy way out and say that i feel most submissive when i’m doing a task for Him, like training, or something that makes me feel connected to Him.  But the longer i’ve thought about this, the more i’ve realized that i feel most submissive when He is being especially “hard”.  (i promise to write about this more in depth as i get caught up, lol)

With our separation, what we have to connect us is communication.  A lot of communication.  i was actually pondering the amount of emails and FB messages the other day.  You would think with the ability to plan out better what i say before i say it, that i’d be able to keep myself out of trouble more.  But no. no, my brain has gotten my mouth into trouble so many times.  And in these times, when He’s correcting me, or disciplining me, through harsh words that sting; this is when i feel most submissive.

i think it’s partly because i am finding that i enjoy when His words are rougher, harsher, meaner.  Not that i enjoy being punished, but being put in my place makes be feel very submissive.  If He was home, i imagine it would be accompanied by His hand around my neck  or another similar action.  Many times, He will tell me what He would do if He were home so that plays into it.

Favourite implement?

Right now it’s one of Master’s old leather belts.  Which is surprising, considering how large our toy box has gotten in recent months.  But as i like pain, it’s the only one that we have that i can effectively use on myself.  Also, it’s a little high up there right now because i managed to bring myself to orgasm beating myself so we have a great a relationship right now.  i thoroughly expect to start a love/hate relationship with it as soon as Master gets home since i am under no delusions that his beatings will be at all similar to mine, lol.

Pretty sure that Master would say that His favorite is the Magic Wand.  This is because He’s sadistic and likes nothing better than torturing my pussy and it’s the perfect device for it.  i already have a love/hate relationship with toy, lol.

3 things you really want to try?
  1. Threesome with another woman.  This is has been a fantasy for me since long before we started TTWD and something that has taken years to get on the table.  And not just to play with Master and another woman, but i would like to watch Master with another woman and not be allowed to participate.  (and i’m totally aware of the double standard between being ok with this and not being ok with additional men…working on that one, but i’m bisexual so this the best of both worlds for me)
  2. Rope bondage.  It’s not something we’ve tried yet but i really like the beauty of the way it looks, the different ties, the colors of the ropes against the skin.  Though it takes a while so it’s entirely possible that neither one of us has the patience for it, lol.
  3. Watersports.  This item has recently come off the hard limits list and it will be something that gets tried when Master comes home now.  i have my fellow bloggers to blame thank for this one, lol.  (i won’t name names).


  1. tori, has some great questions doesn't she?

    Interesting what you said about feeling more submissive when he is correcting you...I think that might hold true for me too. Well, that and when he wouldn't allow his cock in my pussy.

    1. i have a feeling being denied His cock will be highly effective when He returned home as well. Since i haven't had His cock in...nevermind, i don't want to count it's too depressing, lol. Focusing on the very low number of days till He gets home instead!

  2. thanks for answering, this is so much fun, i like that we learn perhaps a little bit more about each other and also that it makes us think about things perhaps we wouldnt.

    Love, love watersports so bravo to you.



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