Saturday, May 3, 2014

On My Knees

From His first day home...

i follow Him up the stairs for the first time in 9 long months.  Still filled with the same nervous, excited energy that i've had all day.  i shut the door quietly behind me and pause.

Come here, scarlet.

i think my heart stopped right there for a second.  i know i got all goosebumpy.  i walked over and stood in front of Him.

Undress your Master, scarlet.

i slowly unbutton his shirt, enjoying the feeling of having my hands on Him again after so long.  i push the open shirt down his arms and let it fall to the floor.  My hands find his chest as my lips go to His.  They slide down his chest as we kiss, falling to his belt buckle, slowly unbuckling it.  Then the pants and sliding down the zipper, my lips on His.  i push his pants to the floor as i drop to my knees, then tug lightly on his boxers to pull them down.

i close my eyes and open them.  It's like unwrapping the best present ever!  His hard cock inches from my face. i lick my lips and look up at him, waiting.  He says nothing, just looks at me.

Oh.  Master may i worship your cock?

i've waited for so long to say those words.  So many conversations talking about it, planning for, imagining it.  This is better than all of it.

Yes you may.  Even better words to hear.

i wrap my hand around the base of his cock, stroking up, feeling and touching.  Getting myself reacquainted.  Hard.  Velvety.  Warm.

My pussy is wet and aching for Master's cock, but for now i'm satisfied with touch...and taste.

My tongue laps at the head, tasting the bit of precum there.  I pull just the tip into my mouth and roll my tongue around it.  i listen and delight in the groans of pleasure coming from Master; His hand goes to the top of my head and i know He's wanting more.  i flatten my tongue and slide His cock in.  The steel barbell running along the underside, adding to His pleasure.  i suck as i slide Him in and out, fondling His balls, or wrapping my hand around the base.  my left hand on the side of His thigh steadying myself.  i slide farther and farther, until i feel the head at the back of my throat pushing against me.

i. am. in. heaven.

i am thoroughly enjoying my worship of His cock, content to keep going until He cums.  But Master has other plans.  He pulls His cock out of my mouth and lifts me up off the floor.  Then he pushes me face down on the bed.  My pants come down.  His fingers roughly explore my wet pussy, bringing me quickly to the edge in a way only He can.  Then i'm flipped over onto my back and His cock slides into me.

My pussy is fucked hard and fast, on the edge of the bed.  i wrap my legs around Master's back, my arms around his neck...i want Him as close to me as possible as He fucks me until He cums.


  1. Gotta love those moments ❤️!

  2. So EXCITED for you and your M/Husband scarlet!! His homecoming sounds terrific for you both. Enjoy! XOXO Pearl

  3. I have been wondering how the homecoming was...sounds delightful:)

  4. Sooooo happy for the both of you! And totally hot!

  5. So fucking hot!! So happy that finally you get to have Him.

    Did you finally finish your semester?

    1. Yes i did finally finish my semester. And no classes for the next 8 weeks! Needed the break as we're moving next month.

    2. So he didn't have to go back? He's home home? Yay

    3. He's already been gone and back again. That's why it's taken me so long to get caught up, so much going on here between Him coming home (twice) and then finishing up classes. Finally feel like i'm catching my breath.


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