Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Long Distance submission

            i am definitely not into this long distance separation right now.   On the one hand, i feel like these months apart are giving us time to figure out exactly what our D/s relationship will be, how to incorporate it into our lives, what my limits will be, etc.  Then, i also have plenty of time to read, learn, research, and train so that by the time my Master returns, i will be able to serve Him and be the cock whore that He desires.  But, fuck, i miss Him so very much.
            Now that i know this is what i want, i want Him here so that i can serve Him.  i want to be on my knees in front of Him worshipping His cock.  God, i love His cock.  i want Him to bend me over His knees and paddle my bare ass (i’m discovering that i’m very turned on by this).  i just want to be fucked and used seven ways to Sunday.
            my communication with Master, while he is gone, is stilted by network content filters and time constraints.  We have to truncate our conversations and talk in code to discuss my training.  He says He worries that this is just talk and that when He gets home; i will have changed my mind about submission.  i won’t.  i know i won’t.   This is what i want.  i’m training and teaching myself, on my own, the ins and outs of being submissive and learning the skills He wants for His cock whore.
            Long distance sucks…i miss my Master.

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  1. you should ask to suck is cock while He paddles your ass...AWESOME! LDR sucks..how he is home soon.


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