Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing scarlet

            i am a married woman in my thirties with kids.  i am college educated and i have a career.  i love my husband very much.  We have been together for years.  But something was missing from our relationship and it was causing us problems both in and out of the bedroom.
            i wanted to be dominated, i wanted to submit, but hadn’t explained this to my husband.  Eventually after a fight, i finally blurted out some of what i needed.  What followed, with some trial and error, was some of the best sex of our relationship and some frustration too.  It wasn’t enough.
            My husband’s job keeps him away from us for long periods of time and during these periods we talk.  And talk.  And we argue about things that drive us nuts.  And then we try to fix things.  What else is there to do?  During this time, we started discussing the turn our sexual relationship had taken and how much more into D/s we wanted to go.
            Introducing scarlet.  i am scarlet.  My Master has renamed me.  Because i am still a wife and a mother, we felt that we needed a way to make it clear when i needed to submit and give up my role as wife as partner as equal and submit.  It’s a challenge to balance my roles, to be a mom and a wife and a submissive and to switch in and out of those roles seamlessly.  It’s a challenge to remember, after half a dozen years of being “the boss”, that i am no longer in charge always and to remember to speak in obedience and respect and to hold my tongue when i’m annoyed.
            i think, most of all, that i’m enjoying the journey.  i am enjoying falling in love with my husband all over again…learning that this man, who i spent years assuming was far too vanilla when it came to sex, has a mind that matches and maybe exceeds my deviance.  i am enjoying learning how to submit, how to please Him as my Master, and developing this D/s relationship into something that is far stronger than our marriage ever was.


  1. Welcome to Blogland, Scarlet.
    Falling in love all over again is a wonderful experience.

    1. Thanks! It is. Part of me wishes we had to discovered this earlier, but then i realize that we needed our entire journey to get to this place, at this time, for these reasons.

  2. Welcome to.Blogland. I can't wait to follow your journey.


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