Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working out the details...

            The last two days have yielded awesome conversations (since that’s basically all we have) about TTWD… or will do… if He ever gets home.  We have been trying to make sure that we are on the same page about what my submission looks like.  He has His expectations.  i have my expectations.  He has His needs, wants, and desires.  i have to figure out just how far i am willing to go. (note to self – finish Yes-No-Maybe list!).

            Currently, my submission is not 24/7.  We have kids and i have a career; i even manage our finances.  i am not sure that i am mentally ready to submit in all facets of my life.  i believe that this is what i want to work towards eventually, but i still feel like there are areas where i need to be on equal footing with my husband…mainly where our kids are concerned.

            About a month ago, we worked up a contract.  Since then, we’ve discussed a lot of changes to TTWD and now it needs to be completely reworked.  Mostly, i’ve decided that i want to submit more, in more ways, more often, and give up more control.  This blows His mind.  But makes Him very happy, and makes me very happy.   Luckily, (or unfortunately), we’ve got plenty of time to get everything write before He gets home and we start living it.

            In addition to the contract, we’re working on House Rules…more like scarlet’s Rules, things that i will or won’t do as part of my submission.   i am really excited about them.  Some will start as soon as He gets home; some will be added in the following months as we settle into our new life.  We figure we will have re-evaluate after a month and see what stays or goes…what looks good on paper, might not actually work in practice.  It’s a jumbled mess right now, but i’ll add it once i get it sorted out.

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