Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why i love sucking cock

Master asked me to write this a little while ago. He wanted to know why i loved sucking cock.

            i am a cock sucking whore.  i love to suck cock. It’s more than just a want.  It’s a need.  i need to have a cock in my mouth.  But not just any cock, Master, i need Your cock.  Your cock is the cock that i want in my mouth; the cock that i desire above all else.  i need to be on my knees in front of You offering You the use of my mouth.  As Your whore, bringing You pleasure brings me pleasure.  i am addicted to the power that it has over me…all You have to do is mention Your cock and i am instantly wet and desiring to please You. 
            i want nothing more than to worship Your cock.  i desire to spend my time, admiring the beauty and power in its hardness, the juxtaposition of soft skin and hard steel.  i want to kiss the tip and taste Your salty precum. i want to lick and taste Your balls, run my tongue up the underside of Your shaft, and suck the tip of Your cock into my mouth.  i want to take You into my mouth, taste You, and enjoy the feeling of You filling me.
            i love the feeling of every ridge and every vein as i run my tongue over and around Your cock.  i love the way i feel when the bulbous head of Your cock hits the back of my throat, the panicky feeling i get when i can’t breathe, the rush of endorphins from knowing that You are in control.  i need this.  i need you to fuck my mouth, to take over and use me, to take Your pleasure.  To give myself to You as a vessel for Your cock.  This wonderful part of Your body that i must touch, taste and savor whenever possible.  i need it.
            And then, when You cum…i didn’t always enjoy this, but i do now.  Now i must have Your cum.  I must taste it’s saltiness, and swallow, and know that i have succeeded in pleasing my Master.  Then i know that my life has purpose, i am doing what i am meant to do, i am serving my Master’s cock.  i love this, i love my Master’s cock.  i love serving my Master’s cock.  At any time of the day and in anyways, i will serve my Master and His cock, but my favorite way to worship…is to suck His cock.

scarlet….cock sucking whore


  1. awesome post. you should apply to the cock worshipping society if you have not.

  2. lovely writing you describe the pleasure of the touch and taste so well and also the desire to have a cock on your lips and in your mouth
    Love it.
    Welcome to our world CWS


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