Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weekend recap...a little late, oops

            While the long distance thing definitely puts a damper on TTWD, there are occasions that make it all worth it.  This weekend was definitely one of them.  I got a rare chance to have some “face to face” time with my Master, courtesy of video chat.  After a couple months of emails and chat messaging, it was wonderful to be able to see Him and to serve Him in a small way.
            Usually i make masturbation videos to send to Him so that He can enjoy watching me.  The videos also allow Him to train me in a variety of ways.  He sends me instructions, i follow them, butthen he has to wait for the videos.  So this was definitely a treat to be able receive instructions live and for Him to be able to watch me!  Not to mention being able to see my Master’s cock which i have greatly missed.
            i have never before been much of an exhibitionist; or much of a voyeur.  Maybe it’s part of the changes that i feel i’m going through as i submit, but i have found myself enjoying making the videos for my Master.  This weekend’s experience took it to a whole new level.  Seeing Him watching on the laptop while i stripped to Robin Thicke’s “Give It to You” was a turn on that i didn’t expect.  Masturbating for him while i watched Him stroke His cock was even better.  He made me wait and hold off my orgasm until i was begging, tears in my eyes, my body completely tensed up trying to hold it back.  But when He finally gave His permission, i exploded with such intensity.
            These are the moments that make it all worth it.  i am so excited for the opportunity for a “face to face”.  Even more excited for Master to return home.  Spring seems too long away.

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