Saturday, January 4, 2014

Orgasm-Induced Haze

So how did i celebrate New Years?  Out Partying? No.  Hanging out with friends? No.  Staying in with my kids?  Well sort of, but i sent them to bed before midnight.

i ushered in 2014 training, pushing myself…in what Master referred to as an “orgasm-induced haze”.  Sounds nice, huh? Yeah, i thought so too.

My instructions…
you will be very tired at the end of this, but it’s intended to push you some.  I expect full involvement from beginning to end.  First... your mindset for the day needs to be that of a sloppy cunt that just needs to be filled and fucked and cum by any means.  I am not putting time limits on anything except the final task. I expect you to show your whorish need and desire through out and push yourself through each task. The first task will be the g-spotter attachment & the Magic Wand until you cum with the small stainless steel butt plug in.  Then leave butt plug in and lay down with Dirk until you cum.  Of course letting the sloppy whore out while doing so. Then you will use another attachment with the Magic Wand that isn’t the nub until you cum. This is your choice. Then you remove the butt plug, and ride dirk on the Liberator until you cum.  Then.... the grand finale!  Do you remember when I was on the phone while in the club and had you in closet, cumming over and over? Similar thing here... the closeout is with the nub, at the setting that makes you cum quickest, and I want you to keep going and cumming for 12-15 minutes. I want you to push yourself to the edge of sanity!

Holy shit!  That’s a lot of fucking orgasms!

i spent the day dealing with kids and household stuff, but with the night’s training in the back of my mind…partly excited about it and partly terrified.  Excited to play with the Magic Wand some more.  Excited to play with Dirk again. God that name cracks me up.  This is why we haven’t named Master’s cock.  Terrified at trying to figure out the logistics of riding a 12” cock on my Liberator Bonbon with bad knees.  Terrified at the idea of 12-15 minutes of continuous orgasms.

i had wanted to be mid-session when midnight hit…ringing in the new year with orgasms.  However, i got distracted by the Chick-fil-a Bowl  Seriously, Duke, how could you have lost that game?!  So instead i started right at midnight.

My pussy was already wet as i laid back on the bed and spread my legs, butt plug already inserted into my ass.  i picked up the Magic Wand with the g-spotter attachment ready to go.  The variable speed control lay on the bed near my head waiting for me as i pushed the attachment into me.  i turned the wand on, low speed, gradually turning the dial up, not wanting to go too high to soon.  The nub pulses inside me and the outer piece vibrates along my clit and against the base of the butt plug.  As i slowly turn the vibrations up, they spread through my pelvic region.  i pinch my nipples.  my back arches off the bed and i bite my knuckles, squeezing my eyes closed as the intensity builds.  i remember this from the night before; my body starts to tense up in preparation.  i feel the muscles of my pussy contract in and then explode out in another intense orgasm that seems to just shoot out my body, down my legs and out my toes.  i finally remember how to breathe when it subsides.  i turn the wand off and remove it.

i reach for Dirk, the walls of my pussy still spassy from my orgasm.  i rub the head along my wet clit, but the contractions of my pussy and my shaking legs make it impossible to slide the massive cock in.  i grab the lube to make it easier.  Slowly i slide the large dildo inside me, feeling it stretch me wider.  Fucking my pussy with 12” of cock until i cum again.

2 awesome orgasms down.  Back to the Magic Wand, this time with the 1” curved attachment.  Slide it inside me and turn the speed up to medium.  i angle the curved tip forward so that it vibrates against my g-spot.  Doesn’t take long before i’m right there on the edge again.  But my right arm is starting to go numb from the vibrations so i switch hands…and i lose my spot!  Damn it!  Takes another minute or two to find it again.  Then 2 awesome orgasms becomes 3!

When i go to stand, my legs are wobbly.  My thigh muscles are still vibrating.  i move the camera and get out the liberator bonbon.  Slide the base of the dildo into cushion and lube it up before i lower myself over it.  (There is no graceful way to do this.  i don’t watch my own videos, but i’m sure i look really klutzy).  With a cock this large, my ass doesn’t touch the cushion.  i slowly raise and lower myself, fucking myself.  i want to keep going, to get myself off, but my knees can only take about 5 minutes after all the muscle spasms from the wand…oh the wand, shit, not done yet.

i take a few minutes of a break to take this lovely shot at Master’s request…

…then attach the Spot Tip to the wand.  i lay back down on the bed.  i hold the vibrating tip against my clit.  The first intense orgasm comes very quickly.  My legs shake.  i move the tip a little to catch my breath.  It’s a short break as i move the top around on my clit and a second orgasm overtakes me.  It’s only been a few minutes.  How am i going to last 10 more minutes?  Not sure how much more i can take.

Apparently quite a bit more, though i lost count.  i also lost control of my legs and had to hook my ankles together to keep them from shaking all over the bed.  My eyes might have rolled back into my head at some point too.  i felt like my orgasms were being ripped from my body, one right after another.  The last several were almost painful.  My legs and lower back so sore from the way my body tenses up with each one.  My eyes tearing up, wanting to beg for it to stop, but fuck, who was there to beg to?  i’m doing this to myself!

Such a huge relief when the time period was up.  i couldn’t even imagine not being in control of the wand and not having the ability to move it away from my clit.  My entire body was sore the whole next day.


  1. I am out of breathe just reading this.

    What an awesome way to bring in the New Year!! Aren't Magic Wands the best:)

    Although I am really wondering how the hell you can take the 12 inch dirk? I feel like my ten incher is in my uterus. And you were even able to pose for a photo op. I am impressed.

    I am sure your Master is going to LOVE watching this video.

    1. lol, about 2.5" of it is in the cushion so there's probably only 8" inside me. it does feel up in there alright and it's not all in there.

      That picture was a bitch to take.

  2. Wow, scarlet. This is amazing!

    12", holy smokes!! You definitely rang in the New Year!


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