Friday, January 17, 2014

Quality time with Master

This post is long overdue…meh…life…

Technology sure makes long distance relationships much easier.  I remember long-distance ‘courting’ (i was raised very strict and religious…no dating until i moved out and lived in sin according to my BSC mother).  We handwrote letters.  i remember checking the mail every day.  Then email slowly made it’s way into our lives and i would get to sign on, wait for the modem to dial out, and send/receive emails once a day.  It was a tedious process…good thing i knew those relationships weren’t going past the friends stage.  i might have been raised in the church but despite being told all my life that i couldn’t have sex before marriage, i knew i wanted to test the merchandise first.  Partly because i wasn’t even sure i whether i was straight/bi/gay. Last thing i wanted was to marry some straight-laced guy and then find out i preferred women.

i had a point somewhere…oh, technology…

Today, we have email at our fingertips and Facebook messaging.  Skype and Google hangouts for video chatting.  Yes, long-distance relationships suck…vanilla or kinky, but at least we have technology to help us out.

Master and i make TTWD work as best we can with email and chat and phone calls.  It’s not perfect and the separation is draining for both of us.  But we’re getting closer to the end.  The times we most look forward to…the extra spark…comes once every 4-6 weeks when He gets some downtime and i get to ‘see’ Him.  Even better when he gets a little extra downtime and gets an overnight in a hotel so i get to “see” ALL of him.

i was a little disappointed about Aunt Flo showing up a week early to ruin what Master was referring to as “plans of epic proportions”.  Though He wasn’t about to let a little thing like my period get in His was of some fun.  That’s nice, you’re on the other side of the world.  And it doesn’t affect Your libido.

Not sure if it was my hormones being all fucked up from my period.  Or fallout from our argument just a few days earlier and my ensuing meltdown and the loss of my training collar.  i felt shy and awkward “in front” of Him.  Seriously?  You’ve been with this man for 7 years.  Get the fuck over yourself. 

i couldn’t seem to find the words to say or the confidence that i needed or that He wanted to see.  i think i was concerned with playing around my period and i wasn’t really turned on, but was trying to be turned on for His sake or more turned on than i was. He wanted grade-A whore. i’m over here barely pulling off deflowered virgin. i was overthinking everything while trying to please Him.  My brain is my worst enemy.  It’s a great asset to me in everything but my submission.

Talk dirty.  Well fuck, about what?  Total blank, my brain spinning.  Does He want me to tell a fantasy?  Does He want me to talk about sucking His cock?  Argh!  i can’t read minds, i don’t know what You want from me!  i just wanted to cry.  i kept waiting for the blowup, a repeat from the other day, but it never came.  He was patient and kind, but prodding as i muddled my way through it.  Still not sure what the fuck was wrong with me because that’s not usually me.  i think i just put too much pressure on myself for that day.

But it was so nice to see Him.  i miss Him so much.  Outside of TTWD, this man is my husband and there’s much change coming for us this year.  It was wonderful just to sit and chat about our plans.  Inside of TTWD, there was my Master.  i could “see” Him, and talk to Him.  Follow His instructions in real time.  Feel His eyes on my body as i touched myself.  See His pleasure that i’m losing weight and taking care of myself.  i could watch His cock get harder as we talked, as we played.  Watch Him stroke Himself.  Lick my lips and wish that i was there, laying between His legs, taking His cock in my mouth, worshipping it.

Period be damned, Master wanted to play.  i had been allowed to wear just panties for the evening so He instructed me to place the Magic Wand on my pussy on top of the panties.  Oh hell.   He had me set a speed, then another speed, and we talked.  Then we changed speeds.  Then i pinched my nipples.  He took me to the edge and made me wait.  Fuck!  Having just watched the New Year’s video, He was enjoying this torture.  Tears filled my eyes.  i begged and i pleaded…and He laughed.  If He doesn’t let me cum soon, this wand is going to rub a hole through my favorite VS panties! Finally, He let His whore cum.  Thank You!

And then the baby woke up, lol.  (We actually had several interruptions that night, a few cock-blocking phone calls from one of His buddies…then after getting the baby down, i came back to a completely dead MacBook because i’m having battery issues and though it said it was charging, it really wasn’t)…30 minutes later, lol

Round 2 with the wand, this time Master has me shed my panties and grab the g-spotter attachment…i put a towel down and try not to think about my period.  (just not one of those people who enjoy sex during this time).  i try to clear my mind and focus on…magic wand!....Fuck!....did take me a little longer than it would have normally and Master wanted me to cum several times and i couldn’t pull that off, but i did give Him the show that He wanted…plus it let Him plot more of Your destruction with that wand!

The downside to these little adventures…saying goodbye.  They never last long enough.  And they don’t happen often enough.  Only a few more months and He’ll be home.  i can’t wait. 


  1. I am SO bad about talking dirty! Master and I had phone sex once, I was awful at it. Lol.

    I'm glad you got time with your husband/Master! I bet time will fly by and he will be there before you know it.

    1. we had great phone sex just the week before so i don't know what is wrong with me, lol! Close enough to be making arrangements for his first night home and a weekend getaway!

  2. Scarlet, I am so glad you were able to see him. I would be the same way though. I am really shy about performing and talking dirty. I imagine it would be extra difficult and awkward when you haven't seen him in so long. Almost like you need to get reacquainted.

    1. i can only imagine how it's going to be His first night home. Hoping that the excitement of having TTWD overpowers the awkwardness we usually have.


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