Saturday, January 18, 2014


These are the implements of my destruction…

With 3 classes, there’s no way for me to train regularly.  So we decided that i would have a long training session early in the week and then a couple of short ones later in the week.  One, i can only stay up so late.  Two, yawning is a big turn off.

We could have titled this one “everything but the kitchen sink”.  Well not quite…it’s not even half the toy box.

Master’s instructions had 6 parts. 6 parts!  Shit, Hamlet only had 5 acts!

Act 1 (that’s all me, smartass) – Wear the stainless steel butt plug (which i’d already had in as prep) and use the magic wand w/ no attachments until you cum

Act 2 – Remove plug, use glass wand of your choice in your ass and Jessica (rabbit vibe) in your pussy until you cum

Act 3 – Large pink dildo in your ass.  Spank your pussy 100 times with implement of your choice (i chose the leather paddle)

Act 4 – Leave dildo in and use the 4” curved attachment w/ the wand on your pussy until you cum

Act 5 – Remove dildo.  Fuck pussy with glass wand (the other one). And use the wand on your clit until you cum.

Act 6 – Use white G-spotter attachment on wand until you cum 3 times.

Master’s original plan was a little different, but as we went over it, He allowed me to suggest a few changes.  As He isn’t home and i know my limits a little better, there is less stress and freak outs if we work together.  He also left me with instructions on how to handle myself if things started to go sideways.  His assurances that this wasn’t a pass/fail and that i could use my own judgment if something wasn’t working, gives me confidence and lowers my stress going into these types of training situations.

<I’m going to interrupt myself to say that it’s impossible to maintain a proper anal play diet and my weight loss diet at the same time…just saying…causes issues>

i have to admit that i expected something to go sideways.  There hasn’t been much play/training going on the last week or so.  And there’s been a streak of bad luck here recently.

i turned on the video camera, introduced the video and recapped my instructions.  i laid back on the bed, spread my legs so Master could see the butt plug and picked up the wand.  Turning it on to medium speed, i placed it on my pussy.

My brain instantly flashed back to the day before.  Master teasing me while we chatted, having me sit naked from the waste down in the living room with the wand on my pussy, bringing me to the edge of orgasm…then leaving me there.  My pussy remembers and wants to pick up right where we left off... in seconds, i am on the edge again.

i talk to Master.  i tell how much His whore enjoys having her ass filled by the plug. How badly i need to be fucked.  It doesn’t take long for my orgasm to overtake me, my legs trembling, toes curling.  Why are these so intense?

i remove the plug, and set aside the wand.  i pick up the ribbed glassed wand and slide it right into my ass, enjoying the feeling of the cold hardness.  i grab Jessica and slide the vibrator into my pussy and turn both the vibe and clit stimulator to high.  With one hand holding the vibrator, i use the other to slide the wand in and out of my ass.  i tell Master how much His whore enjoys having both holes filled.  How much she needs to have both her ass and pussy fucked….

Fuck!  i’m paying attention to the wand, to my right hand sliding the glass wand in and out of my ass.  And paying no attention to the rabbit vibrator attacking my clit and….ORGASM!!!!

Well, shit, i don’t think i was supposed to cum that quick. Oops.

Another “scene” change.  This time i lube and slide the large pink dildo up into my ass.  It stretches me and hurts just slightly as i adjust to it.  i lay there for half a minute, getting used to it.  This next part is about the pain slut.  i reach to grab the paddle.  Crap, forgot the massage oil.  I could forgo it.  No, Master will get mad that i’m not taking care of myself.  i roll off the bed clenching my butt cheeks together to keep the dildo in place.  Grab the oil and roll back onto the bed.  i press my butt into the bed to hold the dildo into place and massage my pussy with the oil.

Slap.  Slap.  Count to 20.   Massage more oil.  Slap.  Slap.  Count to 20 again.  Tell Master how much i’m enjoying the cock in my ass and spanking my pussy.  Tell Him how i wish He was here to fuck my ass and spank me Himself.  60 more strikes to my pussy.  i know these aren’t hard enough.  Though i feel like they are plenty hard.  i can’t wait for Him to get home to beat me.  My pussy is wet through the entire time, excited, having missed this probably most of all.

When i’m finished, i trade the paddle for the wand.  This time with a curved attachment.  Lifting my butt up and down on the bed, i rock up and down on the cock in my ass while i press the tip of the attachment up against my gspot.  Vibrations move through my body.  i can feel my juices leaking out around the wand.   push down on my pelvis, i wonder if i could make myself squirt.  Master would love that!  i move the vibrator around inside me, talking dirty to the camera, enjoying the double penetration some more.  This orgasm isn’t as quick as the last one, but it’s more intense.

i stop the camera so that i can get cleaned up a little.  Remove the pink dildo and change the wand attachment out for the little nub.  This time i fuck my pussy with the other glass wand while i rub the nub of the wand over my clit.  i tease myself.  i let myself get close and every time i find “that spot”, i move off of it, drawing out my own torture for Master’s pleasure.  This is not in His instructions, but i worry that i’ve come too quickly the other times.  Finally i let my orgasm over take, surprisingly not from the Magic wand, but from the glass wand inside my pussy with just a little assist from the Magic wand on my clit.  It’s probably the least powerful of my orgasms, but it’s just as enjoyable for me.

And now…the final act.

I think this is Master’s favorite attachment.  It’s definitely an effective one.  i change it out, slide it into my pussy and line the front and back pieces up with my clit and ass.  As i turn the wand back on, i reach over to adjust the speed.  But as i do…fuck, holy shit, oh god!

It completely took me by surprise and i wasn’t prepared for it.  My legs tense up and i start to curl up, muscles tensing as the waves hit me.  These last for longer than the others and as i’m trying to recover, it’s like my pussy clenches around the vibrator and won’t relax so i get a longer orgasm.  When it finally doesn’t end, i’m trying to uncurl my body.  Maybe there was 30 seconds…Fuck, not again so soon!

When there’s no break, the orgasms keep coming, the muscles…not in your pussy, but the rest of your body…start to cramp.  My foot started to cramp and so did my back.  Not to mention that for some odd reason, I DON’T BREATHE DURING MY ORGASMS!  Yes, it’s a little odd, but that’s a lot of oxygen to lose in a short period of time.  And we weren’t done yet because i had just caught my breath…

Oh my god, fucking hell!  Number 3!  I was actually relieved that there was only 3 that i had to have.  i don’t think i would have survived much more.  What an amazing night and an amazing experience.  It’s a good thing we don’t do this everything single night.  It takes my body too long to recover from it.  i should be asleep right now, but instead i had to stay up and jot this down while i waited for my wiredness (is that even a word?) to wear off.


  1. Holy hotness! Sounds like your Master had a great plan and you had a great time!!

    1. i did have a great time! Master had me pick two numbers between 1 and 10. i choose 5 and 7. So that's where the number of orgasm came from. Not sure if i'm relieved or sad that i didn't pick 10, lol

  2. holy crap! i bow down to you. not sure i could do this all to myself. then again, i did fuck my ass with a big plug for a hour. The things we do when in the mindset.

    Oh, anal play diet and me just do not work - ever. i have crossed a very soft (as in almost hard) limit and turned to enemas. i get the disposable already with solution. my grocery store has a 2 pack for less than 2.00. i have to admit, it isn't that bad and feel so much better afterwards towards anal play.

    1. plugs are not shaped for fucking your ass so you win that one, HS. Oh, that's my stainless steel one in the top corner. That's the way to go for long periods of wear.

      egh, i might have to think about that one. i know that they are recommended for significant play, just have to get past the ick factor, lol.


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