Monday, November 11, 2013

Affirm this

Instructions from Master this morning included this:

i've never been a fan of affirmations, but i try to be obedient.  So let's see how this goes:

No pockets in my yoga pants today, so it's tucked into my bra.  i've already pulled it out twice.

**pondering how one can be a cum slut with no cock around to suck...keeping that one to myself though, my mouth gets me in enough trouble, lol


  1. Oh, you can still be a cum slut without a cock around..... trust me... it is those 10 toys you were born with. :) Btw, my mouth gets me into trouble too. It is about to get me in real trouble, because I have kept my smart mouth at bay for quiet some time and feeling way too feisty. Guess good thing won't be seeing Sir today. Can't wait to read how you acted upon it.

    1. lol, i was feeling my smartassness this morning. Probably a good thing most of our conversations are via email/messaging and i can self-edit better that way.

      in the middle of writing this response, i realized i couldn't find the card! OMG, my older kids can read! Not a conversation i want to have! Mad dash around the house to find it, no clue how it fell out. Luckily i did, crisis averted, though i feel 5 years older.

    2. LOL! That would be bad:) I agree with HS...most certainly can me one without a cock around. Affirmations are good like a mantra can be. It makes you feel awkward saying it at first but you never know when you need to dig deep and those affirmations or mantra put you back in the right frame of mind.

    3. My Sunday's have been rough the last couple of weeks, the weight of the week seems to bear down on me as the week ends and i start to crack. Trying some new things this week to help me find my center and balance myself a little better. i so hate feeling like a basket case. (though losing them in the house probably isn't going to be helpful...cursed school holidays)

  2. This reminds me I should go practice deep throating one of my toys while squeezing my left thumb in my fist since it's supposed to stop the gag reflex. The real thing won't be around to practice on for a few more days.


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