Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Third Time's the Charm

            After finding the tattoo studio closed up early on Sunday, i rescheduled for Tuesday according to the piercer’s schedule i asked for.  Thankfully, i double-checked before i drove back down there.  No, she’s not working today, she’s working Thursday.  Did you know that Tuesday and Thursday are NOT the same days?  Thursday, being Halloween, wasn’t an option so i rescheduled (AGAIN!) for Friday.  Really, it should not be this hard to pierce holes in my body.

            Pain is relative to the person experiencing it.  Not of my other piercings have really hurt that much.  Frankly, i’ve enjoyed all of the experiences.  The thought of getting my nipples done did have me a little worried.  All this extra waiting wasn’t very helpful either.  Then for some reason, on the way down there, i convinced myself that it was going to hurt like hell. Not sure why.

Get there, do my paperwork, pay my money (struck by the odd thought that it cost less to do my nipples than my ears – Halloween special, but still).  As we walk back, i’m aware that there’s a guy getting some work done just outside of the room we’re in.  Fuck, now i’ve got to try not to scream so i don’t embarrass myself.   Lie down, pull my shirt up, bra too.  Just laying there, making small talk while my piercer gets ready.

She clamps my left nipple.

This is going to fucking hurt.

Breathe in.  One, two… i feel the needle go through.  i’m not into watching this process. 

Breathe out.  i look down.  Sure enough there’s a needle through my nipple. 

That’s it?  She laughs. 

Breathe in.  i feel the needle come out and the barbell go through. 

Done.   There’s a barbell through my nipple!  Why does it hurt more when the jewelry goes in?   We repeat the process with my right nipple.

As we were finishing up, i hear this…I think you’re the calmest person I’ve ever had back here.  She said the same thing when i was getting my ears done.  (i had messaged Master the entire time.)  i guess my pain tolerance is pretty high.  Scale of 1 to 10…this was only about a 3.  Clothespins hurt more.  i responded…

i’m kinda disappointed it didn’t hurt more. 

What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong.  With. Me?!    i get being happy that it didn’t hurt that much.  But disappointed?  There really something wrong with my thinking on this.  More and more, i think i’m finding that i like pain a little too much.  But that’s a post for another day.  In the meantime, i’m going to enjoy my new piercings as they are healing very well…a little tender when touched directly, but otherwise no pain.

            Master requested before and after pictures.  And He requested that they be included as part of this post, another step in pushing this limit, testing me, pushing me to confront my fears regarding posting images of my body online.  It made Him very happy to see the picture that i posted and He would like to see more, and more revealing.  i am not the only one who is getting test here though.  He is unsure of how He will feel when they are actually posted…this is a first for Him too.

So…scarlet’s nipples before…

And now…


  1. Yeah! Congrats...they look amazing! And congrats on posting the picture:)

  2. wow! they do look great. you should be proud of yourself and the boundary you pushed. ...I am proud of you.

  3. Thanks to both of you! i love them and wish i had gotten them sooner. The picture i am getting used to. Still hits me every time i see it that it is publicly displayed...a complete departure from my locked down FB settings (and I'm fully clothed!). Master is pushing quite a few boundaries at the moment. Today's instructions have my stomach in knots. ugh. And more thanks to both of you because reading your blogs have helped me tremendously in the past couple weeks.

  4. not sure how mine has helped, but glad it is.

  5. I hope that whatever he has you do today goes well. Can't wait to hear about it:)

    Don't know if it helps at all but my stomach still gets in knots when he is pushing my boundaries. It does get easieronce you realize that even though you are nervous, you will get through it and all is still fine!


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