Thursday, November 7, 2013

It wasn’t me! It was that bitch Karma!

            i totally saw this coming.  i really shouldn’t have laughed at Little Girl’s 50 Dollars.  i even commented that i didn’t see the week going well for me.

            How my week was supposed to go… Master wanted me to focus on building up my orgasms and extending them as long as possible.  i was to spend my training session, masturbating with the toys of his choosing for the length of time that he chose before i would allowed to come.  i usually do three or four of these a week, i record them so that i can send the videos to Master for review and for His pleasure.  Sounded like a good time to me but after reading Little Girl’s blog, i knew something was going to go wrong.

            Sure enough, i was denied my orgasm for my training session on Tuesday.  i’m not even sure i remember why at this point.  i just remember being told i hadn’t earned it.  15 minutes, half of it with my rabbit vibrator.  Fuck!  That thing can get me off in less than 3 minutes!  Not my most enjoyable experience but i made it through.

            Wednesday – no training.

            Thursday – well, Thursday, my mouth got my pussy in trouble.  Always does she says.  Master wanted me to be slutty and make His cock hard while we chatted.  Then He asked me a question where my answer did not do that.  Well, shit, i answered the question You asked.  i then proceeded to argue my way into trying to prove that it was His fault for asking a poorly-worded question.  As His frustration grew, my frustration grew…add in a teething toddler who wasn’t interested in Mommy and Daddy’s D/s dynamic taking precedence over HIS needs…

            Needless to say, my pussy bore the punishment of me running my mouth.  Master took the rest of the day to decide what my punishment would be so that He could calm down.  Penance He called it.  i dreaded getting that email, but in the meantime, that night i had 20 minutes of masturbating without coming (10 minutes with the rabbit…sensing a recurring theme here).  i about died.  my back hurt so badly afterwards from tensing my body up to stop my orgasms.

            Then in the morning…

            Oh, yeah, our toys have names.  Tristan is our anal plug/vibe.  Jessica is my rabbit vibrator (Yes, that is a Who Framed Roger Rabbit reference.).  Trixie is the paddle.

            i’m actually surprised given the kids that i could even sneak in 7-8 times away.  i’ve also decided that i now hate that little finger vibe.  Squeezed a couple in during my showers, snuck upstairs while the kids were busy, while the baby was napping, etc.  The most interesting one was in the car on the way to get my nipples pierced.  By Sunday, my pussy had packed up shop and taken a vacation.  i couldn’t have come if i tried.  Oh, and Sunday’s training?  10 minutes with the finger vibe…fucking hate that thing.  Then anal masturbation with one of my glass wands to see if i could orgasm that way.  i tried.  i really did, but pussy was gone and she wasn’t interested in what i wanted.  After all, i was the cause of all her trouble.

            i don’t even want to add up the minutes of masturbation for last week.  i might cry.  Lesson learned, Master.  my mouth will get my pussy punished.  Waiting to see what sort of payback that slut has in store.


  1. holy fuck! what a week. no way could I have endured all of that! I'll keep the Tabasco sauce to clit punishment anyday of the week. Oh, there was one punishment I was too masturbate to the brink 5 times for 3 days-no cumming. When I could finally, it took forever!

    1. You can keep your tabasco sauce for sure, lol. i better hide my habanero hot sauce when Master gets home. He's sure to see this and get ideas.

  2. Oh my!! So sorry my post ended up hitting so close to home.

    Well you certainly know I can offer my condolences, I understand all too well what you were going through. I am STILL working on collecting my 50 dollars! Karma is a bitch and HS and I can both attest if you piss off the pussy...she will get you back. So be careful when speaking of her:)

    On one hand I understand the philosophy behind denial but on the other I just don't. I have stopped asking what he hopes to accomplish and just try to accept that it's how he wants it, like it or not.

    1. Oh man, i was hoping you were done with that by now. check the couch cushions, maybe you'll get lucky.


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