Saturday, November 30, 2013

A shower fantasy

Inspired by a couple of recent posts written by lil on her blog, i wrote this fictional one for Master's pleasure...

i am kneeling outside the shower waiting for Master to finish so that i might worship his cock before he leaves for work.  My wrists are bound behind me as i sit on my knees waiting patiently.  I hear the water running and close my eyes, imagining it running over Master’s naked body and wishing i was in there with Him.

The door opens; i blush and drop my head.  i’m afraid that He will guess my thoughts.  His fingers close around my collar and he tugs “Come whore! Join your Master”.  He pulls me along the floor so i dare not stand.  I sort of crawl or skitter over the tile and into the shower before returning to my kneeling position.

Master stands under the water, and i get the full visual of what i had been imagining in my head. i am just outside the water and what reaches me is not as hot as i’d like.  Goosebumps form on my flesh and a shiver a little.  Still i am eye level with his perfect cock, rock hard, water cascading off of it.  i lick my lips a little and feel the heat between my legs, my wetness growing.

“Is this what you want, slut?”  i nod.  His hand wraps around my neck.  I feel it tighten, my airway constricts and my oxygen level depletes.  He pulls me forward under the water tilting my face up.  Water cascades over my face, in my eyes, my nose, and my mouth.  i gasp and struggle a little.  Master pushes me back, loosening his grip and allowing me to draw in a deep breath.  Air, precious air.

His hand closes around my throat again and he pulls me under the water.  my pussy is so wet and not just from the water.  i struggle to look up at Him, this man who holds my life in his hands.  i can barely see Him through the water in my eyes but there is the dominance in his look and the matching hardness of his body.  Again, He pushes me back to allow me to breathe.

This time as his hand closes around my neck and pulls me forward he thrusts his cock forward.  i open my mouth to eagerly suck him down my throat.  His delicious hard cock fills my throat; the water floods my face, running down over my nose and mouth.  i gag a little as the water gets in my nose.

He fucks my face for what seems like an eternity.  Just as i feel like my lungs will explode from a lack of air, he pulls out to let me breathe, then fucks my face again.  He controls everything, my movements, my air, my very life.  In this moment, everything i am is His.  I am just a vessel for His use and i love every minute of it.

When He comes i greedily swallow every drop of cum, hungrily taking what He provides for His whore.  His hands are still around my neck.  As He slowly removes His cock from my mouth, i lick and clean his shaft.  My eyes never leave His face but my gratitude is apparent as i can not speak my thanks.  He holds my face under the water for a minute longer allowing the lesson to sink in a little more…I AM HIS, HE OWNS ME, HE CONTROLS ME, HE IS MY PROVIDER.


  1. VERY hot!! Hope he makes your story come to life:)

  2. I agree! Very hot ... and hopefully a reality soon! ;)

  3. yowzers! hot! hot! hot! cannot wait until this is a reality.


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