Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy LOL Day!

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day!  It's my first!

When Master and i started down this path, i read (and lurked) on many blogs.  i had a lot of questions that i needed answers to (Why the fuck do people like clothespins?).  For me, sometimes a book just isn't enough, i want that real-life perspective from someone living TTWD.  

As i grew more comfortable, and started my own blog, i started to interact with other bloggers.  i found this community very accepting and very willing to give advice, offer support, and occasionally help you make fun of yourself.  i hope that i have offered my readers the same experiences that i have gotten.

Master and i love the lurkers on my blog. i know it Him gives great pleasure to know that people see the pictures He asks me to post.  Perv...oh, never mind.  De-lurk yourself and say hi sometime, feel free to ask questions or offer advice.


  1. so glad you started blogging. I love your blog.

    Why do I love clothespins? I can't feel them..bwhahaha ... He can attach then to my nipples and pussy lips and I don't feel a thing. Now, when He clips to my clit that is a different ballgame.

    1. Thanks! i love your blog too.

      i didn't enjoy my first experience with them...i'd rather pierce my nip...oh, yeah, did that one. i think the pain afterwards is worse than during, eventually you stop feeling them, then you take them off, and FUCK! not favorite way to play.

  2. Hi Scarlet, good to see you about today! Clothespin (or pegs as we say here) not tried them. Clamps yes, but I have to say I have not much feeling in my nipples these days.... blame it on small teeth and breastfeeding :)

  3. Hi Scarlet!

    I have read your blog and LOVE it! I love following your journey.

    You don't have to answer if you don't want to but I have a question....is your husband in the military? I don't understand why he is going for so long? You can email me if you would rather....or you can tell me it's none of my damn business! I will not get offended.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Subrina <3

  4. BTW I added your blog to my latest post :)



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