Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adding Another Cock…of a sort

In recent conversations with Master, He has been pushing a new boundary.  Pushing me to admit how much of a cock whore i am and how much i would enjoy a larger cock.

I bet if I bought you a nice big dildo, you would cum like a complete whore…maybe I need to buy my whore a nice fat long dildo to satiate that empty needy sloppy cunt.

If Master think His whore needs it.

Find me 3 options. Put it all together in a doc. None less than 9". I will review it tomorrow and make a decision as to what if anything. I will do with your whore pussy.  Don’t be shy in your choices either. Tell your Master what you want whore. If that is huge, then so be it.  Don’t be scared to bare yourself to your Master.

i think i heard a challenge in there somewhere because the options i provided were 10” and two 12”.  So that’s how we ended up with a new cock in our house…Dirk. (i had nothing to do with the name).

Dirk arrived right before Christmas but with my migraine, i didn’t get a chance to try him out.  But after i felt better…

Tell me what you need.

my wet slutty pussy needs to be fucked, Sir.

Get Dirk you sloppy whore.

Yes Sir.  i grab Dirk from the toy box.  And lay back on the bed, laptop bedside me, FB open waiting for Master’s next instruction.

Slap your pussy with that big cock you want so much.

Yes Sir. i want more.

Tell me how you are feeling scarlet

Needy and wet, Sir (still kinda a chicken when it comes to opening my mouth about my feelings.)

Run it up and down your sloppy pussy. Talk to me scarlet... how is it?

It feels good, Sir, large and big and my pussy is wet.
Tell me what you want you want whore. Tell your Master.

i need to be fucked Sir, my slutty pussy needs to be fucked, Master.

At this point, Master abandons messaging me instructions and calls.  He tells me first to slide just to tip of the dildo in my very wet pussy.  Then teases me by making me ask for more, admitting to how much i want it, making me beg.

Please, please, Master, your whore needs to fuck herself with this massive dildo.

Having Master on the phone when i masturbate is a rarity due to time zone differences and work schedules.  It adds something extra to it.  i feel closer to Him despite the miles that separate us.  And when i beg to cum, He’s there to make me wait, to make me beg more.  Then…

Cum now, scarlet.  Cum all over that massive cock.  My orgasm different than any i’ve had recently.  Partly from the large dildo, partly from Master’s voice in my ear.


  1. Wow scarlet! That is quite a story. Talking dirty is not my strong suit but you seem to do it so well.

    So happy that you got to talk to your Master on the phone! And umm....enjoyed your 12 inches;)

    I wish you a Happy and safe New Year.


    1. i find it really easy to talk dirty when we are messaging, but i still kinda of trip myself up when we talk on the phone. Mostly because i want to laugh at the sound of my voice saying these things...and that would ruin the mood. But practice makes perfect. lol.

      Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. I knew you and I are kindred spirits, scarlet!! Welcome to the ginormous cock club! :-D

    1. Thanks Mickey, i am totally blaming you and that post you wrote about your own new toy. That's what started this whole thing. lol.


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