Sunday, December 29, 2013


…is finding out your ex-mother-in-law (kids’ grandma) is rummaging around in the linen closet outside your bedroom door…

right after you get done whispering Thank you Master into the camera after you’ve tried to quietly masturbate to orgasm.

Oh, dear God, did she hear me?  Why does she have to be so fucking stealthy?  The landing picks NOW not to creak?!

4 months ago if she’d heard me masturbating, i wouldn’t have cared.  She’s a single woman.  We crack jokes about vibrators from time to time.  Sigh.  She falls on the list of people who would NOT understand TTWD.

Oh well.


  1. Oh gosh....that would be awkward but chances are she didn't hear and even if she did, she probably wouldn't be able to tell what she was hearing:)

    1. Well, she hasn't said anything today so that's a good sign, lol.


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