Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finally! Magic!

i finally kicked my company finally left Monday morning leaving me ready to get back into a ‘normal’ routine regarding TTWD.  Loosely normal since there are still older children skulking around my house apparently already bored with their Christmas presents (there’s always chores!).  Had a nice conversation with Master on FB in the morning…Murphy has still not left…we now have an unexpected dentist bill for replacing a loose filling/crown in the oldest’s mouth (this is becoming a punch line…bets on tomorrow’s mishap/disaster?).  i patiently eagerly awaited bedtimes so i could sit down to Master’s tasks.

#1 – catch up on writing for blog.

#2 – try out Magic Wand and new attachments…make video so Master knows what each attachment does…only cum once at end!


With one blog post written and ready for Master’s approval in the AM, i headed upstairs to shower and get ready.  i got the camera ready and laid all the attachments out.  There’s a cap with three small interchangeable attachments and then 3 larger all-in-one attachments plus the variable speed thing to play with.  So excited and already wet!

The noise is a little distracting, but the vibration…oh the vibration more than makes up for it!  Wow! That thing packs a punch! i had fun changing the speed and just laying there running through scenarios in my head, knowing that Master is going to come up with plenty of devious ways to use this thing when He gets home.

i attached the Magic Connection and the Spot Tip.  Small enough to get right on my clit or any other place i wanted to concentrate vibration as it’s a little bulb about an inch long.  i couldn’t leave it in one place too long or i was going to cum right then.

Then i tried the 4” Tip which is only about ½” in diameter but with the power of the Wand makes it much more powerful than any other vibrator.  The same is true for the G-Spotter Plus, which is about the same size but curved.  It definitely lives up to its name, it got right there and i was right on the edge in seconds.  i can definitely see Master torturing my pussy with either of these.  They can be used for anal play too, but i don’t go back and forth with my toys so i didn’t try them out like that this time.  i can only imagine how they’d feel in my  ass.

Two of the all-in-ones are thicker (about 1” in diameter) straight and curved 4” tips.  These were more fun than the thinner ones.  The curved one, i almost didn’t get it pulled out and stopped in time to stop from cumming, but i had one more toy!  i was so close!

The last one is also a g-spot attachment, but it has additional clit and anal stimulation.  OMG!  This is my favorite.  i kinda knew it would be and had saved it for last for this reason.  i cranked the vibration up a little and just a few seconds later the most incredible orgasm ripped through my body.  So intense, i felt it all the way in my toes and got a foot cramp!  I could figure out if i was supposed to giggle or cry when i was done so i was kinda doing both, i was just so excited…and disappointed that i’d only been granted one because i would have totally taken another ride on that one.  It’s magic!  I saw stars!

a tool of great pleasure or great torture?

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