Monday, December 9, 2013

Who will i be?

i will be the good obedient submissive who sits at His feet waiting for His instructions.

i will be the serving submissive who gets His breakfast in the morning and His drink when He get home from work.

i will be the cock whore who worships His cock morning and night because there is nothing she wants more.

i will be the sexual whore writhing and moaning on the bed as you fuck me incessantly in any of my holes with your cock or one our toys.

i will be the pain slut crying out in pain and pleasure as you beat me with flogger or paddle, a belt, or other implement.

i will be the slut, turning other men on for the pleasure of my voyeuristic Master to watch and enjoy.

i will be anything You desire because i am Yours.


  1. Oh this was lovely, isnt it great when one can just 'be'?


  2. This was beautiful. I hope you get to be all of this soon!


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