Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mind Fuck

Snippet of our Facebook conversation yesterday...

… Then you gotta run to Wal-mart. Shame the weather isn’t better, I would have you go out with no bra.

Lol. It's warm, just very rainy Sir.

All the better... lol

It's Wal-Mart 2 days before Christmas Sir. You really want to amp up my stress that much?


But it’s fun to fuck with your mind. J

Mean, it's mean Sir.

awww... poor scarlet.

That is literally the tip of the iceberg. you just wait till I get home.

Oh i know Sir.

No, but soon, you will.
Ha. Sometimes i feel like a toy for Him to play with…like a cat playing with a mouse.

Too cute…maybe not a cat…How about a lion?

Yep.  That’s better.  Not that i mind.  i rather enjoy being His play toy.


  1. Sir loves to fuck with my mind. Hindsight, I love it, but at times I'm in no mood for such mind fuckery. It frustrates me. Haha

  2. Master once had dressed me to go to Walmart. It was so much worse than any of my other Walmart excursions and all I could do was look in the mirror and cry. He then said I was so easy to mind fuck. There if just not any part of mind fuckery that I enjoy!


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