Sunday, December 22, 2013

You’ve been a bad bad girl

Sometimes, i feel like every time i get a handle on something, the rug gets yanked out from under me and i realize that i don’t have a handle on anything.  Then my mouth or my attitude or something trips me up and get my ass…or my pussy in trouble.  This time it was motivation and desire to be submission, to put forth the effort, to want to give more than the bare minimum of give a shit.  It really wasn’t that i didn’t care, just that i had allowed my priorities to keep shifting so that Master got a smaller and smaller piece.  And then wanted to keep whining.  Bring on the attitude adjustment!

And so this was how we started my vacation…

250 strikes to pussy, ass, and nipples with various implements.
Then take out the rabbit vibrator.  I want you to get right to the ragged edge of cm, then stop. I want you to do this 3x. Then stop completely. Then explain to me why it is important that you stay motivated in your role, and dedicated to your tasks, and how you plan to improve.

Now the pain slut in me would usually enjoy this first part.  In fact, i was really enjoying the first 25 to my pussy with a paddle.  Then 10 to my nipples, then 15 to my pussy.  (Shh, it’s a type A thing).  i started to get very wet and i wanted to cum badly.  So i rolled over and delivered 25 to each ass cheek (for some reason i can beat my ass a whole lot harder than i can my pussy, i think it’s motion…maybe it’s the padding, lol).

Rinse, recycle, and repeat for another 100.  This time while i was torturing my pussy, i thought for sure that i might cum.  i couldn’t believe it.  All those times that i’d tried to cum while beating myself and here i am trying NOT to cum and i’m on the edge.  Figures. 

i finished up the last 50 then grabbed the vibrator and went to work.  Damn rabbit vibrators.  Why must they be so good?  Master’s instructions were to take myself to the ragged edge, as far as i could go without actually cumming.

Each time didn’t take more than a couple of minutes.   i pushed myself as far as i could go, right to edge.  By the time i stopped for the 2nd one, my head started to pound from the pressure and my back started to hurt from tensing up to hold my orgasms at bay.  It was such a relief to be done that i was ok with not cumming.

There was a caveat to my instructions, to address part of the motivation issue.  As i record these sessions, Master has noticed something missing from them.  So i needed to step it up and make sure that i brought out the slut and talked really dirty so that he could how much i wanted to please Him.  i made sure the entire time i was bringing myself to the edge that i showed Him the slut that He wants to see, to show Him the desire that i have to serve Him.

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