Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Tonight’s training is a reward…whatever you want...cumming 3 times...no restrictions!

Holy shit!  That’s a hell of a reward.  i don’t feel like i’ve been THAT good.  i do know that i’ve been trying to focus on my service and my submission and putting His needs and desires ahead of my wants.  It’s made a noticeable difference in our conversations and my attitude.


Orgasms!  Tre!

i was already horny and wet as i prepared and readied my toy selection…

Bullet and finger vibrator
Doc Johnson glass vibrator
Rabbit vibrator

i slid the bullet inside me and turned it on high.  Then used the finger vibrator on my clit.  Since i was videoing this for Master, i talked dirty to Him while i masturbated, telling Him how much of a slut i am and how much i need to be fucked.  It turned me on even more and my first orgasm came fairly quickly. 

(Fun Fact – i’ve been sick and coughing.  When you have a coughing fit in the middle of masturbating, you will cough a bullet out of your vagina…kegels be damned, lol.)

i switched to the glass vibrator pushing it deep inside, then pulling out and holding it against my clit.  But i wasn’t feeling it for some reason.  After a few minutes, i gave up and switched again to my never-fail rabbit.  Sure enough, within a few minutes, i was in the middle of a toe-curling orgasm.  i was seeing stars.  i was coming out of the throes of my orgasm and shifted position and moved the vibrator slightly and had an immediate second orgasm of equal toe-curling, star-seeing proportions!

It. was. awesome! 


  1. Sounds like a nice solo session. And I had to lol at your fun fact. The visuals I got were priceless. ;-)


    1. It was equally amusing and embarrassing...and there's videographic proof to embarrass me with later!

  2. like Bonnie, the visual..lol

    the fact I've masturbated almost 80 times in 6 days with no cumming allowed, three sound orgasmic right about now. Nice session.

    1. Wow! What's that like, once an hr during the day? i've had to do that one day but never for 6 days straight! my poor pussy would be so sore, and in such a vindictive mood!

  3. yes. for 7 days, every hour I'm awake, I'm to masturbate, bring myself to the brink and not cum. I'm on day 6. oh yeah, email Him too. It's been, um- fun. haha. I'll post Thursday. I've taken care of the deed in a few public places.

  4. (Fun Fact – i’ve been sick and coughing. When you have a coughing fit in the middle of masturbating, you will cough a bullet out of your vagina…kegels be damned, lol.)

    ^^^^^^ This gave me a horrible fit of the giggles ... ON THE BUS RIDE HOME!!!!

  5. LOL at your 'Fun fact'! So funny.

    The rabbit never fails huh. Great read, a new follower of yours & your blog's added to my blogroll, hopefully I can keep up to date with your posts!
    Have a great Christmas!

    -RR Blondie

    1. Welcome to my blog, thank you for reading and following me! i've been busy with finals so i've got to get caught up on my writing here on post a few updates. And i'll have to check out your blog as well.

    2. No problem, with the festive season going on too, it's a busy time for all. I look forward to future posts!


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