Saturday, December 21, 2013

With a side of vanilla...

Yes, i’m still here.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  i think Murphy has taken up permanent residence in my house.  He can leave at any time, but he’s not taking my hints.

The vanilla side of my life has tipped the scale a little in the last couple of weeks.  There’s been a lot going on, but most of it relates to Mom stuff, student stuff, and my volunteer stuff.

i finally got our Christmas tree up and the house somewhat decorated (you can shove a real 6” tree in the trunk of a sedan!).  Which means our elf had to finally make an appearance.  Our elf has been a little lazy this year, but the kids haven’t seemed to notice.  i forget how hard it is to do everything without a second set of hands.  i’m staring at a pile of presents that i just don’t want to wrap.  Very ready for them to be old enough to throw everything in one large gift bag.  Hand it over on Christmas morning and be done.  No, i will never be one of those overachiever moms.

Schools out for…Christmas! (yes, i’m channeling Alice Cooper here).  i was so ready for those two classes to be over.  i’m happy with my grades and my GPA.  5 classes to go till graduation!

Aunt Flo came by last week and helped out so i didn’t have any training while i studied for finals…probably one of the few times that i was grateful for a visit.

i do some volunteer work that can be really draining on my time.  It’s hard to tell how much time i’m going to have to devote to it as it involves outreach and support.  In a give week, it could be a few minutes to several hours.  And sometimes i’m needed when i don’t want to be needed.  i enjoy it for the most part.  i know that it’s important and needed.  The last couple of weeks have just been crazy!  i have wanted to hide so many times.

Spent this week getting ready for Christmas, getting caught up on some things and back into the swing of training (posts coming).  The entire first week of my vacation flew by before i managed to get a blog post written.

Oh well…


  1. scarlet, sorry it hasn't lessened up for you. I know how badly you want the training, but maybe while the kids are on break your Master can lessen the intensity of it? I've learned that if you keep pushing yourself, your body is going to give out and it will not be pretty. Especially since you are responsible for little ones. (Between my last semester of college, training, and 6 weeks of stress with oldest child, I finally crashed-hard. In a 72 hr period, I had slept all of but 10 hrs. My body would not allow me to stay awake). I have never done that before, and stress is always high in my life. I just worry about you since you not having the extra set. (Fortunately, my children had left to visit grandparents).

    Can't wait to read your selfie. :)

    1. Thanks girl, it's nice to know someone can relate to the craziness of trying to balance all of this. The funny thing is...i look forward to's the last part of my day and happens late at night when the kids can't hear (though i've been interrupted by the little one waking up at inconvenient times). When it's over, i'm relaxed and tired and i sleep the best.

      It's everything else...this crazy hectic real life BS that i can't seem to catch a break from. Which even without TTWD, it would be stressing me out right now. But we struggle through, one day at a time. :)


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