Tuesday, December 3, 2013


She kneels at his feet on her calves

Her hands rest lightly on her knees

Love and devotion in her expression

Her eyes locked on His face

His hand rests heavily on her shoulder

Her back is straight, strong

She bears the weight joyfully

Her ear listening keenly to his words

Tonight this is her service

Tonight she is His strength

Tonight she will take

The weight of the world

From the man who is her Master

Her task to erase the worry lines from His face

To show Him that He is loved

To show Him that He is cherished

To show Him that He is strong


  1. beautiful..... I just read this, but the last few days this is so how I've been feeling. even for one moment, I wish He would allow me to bear His tormented past so that He can be happy for one minute.


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